Beginning again


In a couple of days I’m going to post about the lovely, lovely pen you can see in the post before this, my new TWSBI Micarta. But it’s been silent here for a few months, so I figured I’d start with some navelgazing! And the glamor shot of my Nock Co Hightower with my four non Micarta daily pens and a little handmade book by the amazing Maddox Pratt. Pens are, Kara’s Kustom Render K White Delrin, Monteverde Artista Crystal, Pilot Metropolitan with swapped EF nib and a Retro 51 Tornado Stealth Black.

The last 6 months my pen buying habits have tended towards the lower end, which for me means under 50 bucks a pen. I can afford more expensive pens, especially if I saved up for them over a month or two, but given that this is my second time around with fountain pens and I wasn’t quite sure how long this love would last, I decided to settle comfortably into the lower end and explore my options (and there are SO. MANY. OPTIONS.) before I bought something more substantial again. This approach has served me really well, honestly. Some of these more affordable pens have floored me.

e.g. the Pilot Metropolitan with a swapped EF nib is hands down one of my favorite pens to write with. The Pilot EF nib from the Penmanship is a wonder. Consistent, never skips or hard starts, and the finest line I’ve ever written with. All for about 25 bucks. And the Monteverde Artista Crystal, is my first demonstrator and I bought it on a whim. It won me over quickly. It’s dependable, and the see through feed is amazing. Immediately rose up to a top three pen for me, especially with the odd and lovely Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-Ho.

But as of a week ago, I broke my budget. Enter the Micarta. A splurge. And a good prompt to write more.

Which is all leading up to this:

Although I’m going to ramble on about the TWSBI Micarta soon, I don’t know if I’ll really do reviews in the traditional sense. There are so many places all over where you can read people way more knowledgeable than I talk the nuts and bolts of pens. I could try that, but I think I’d be pretty bad at it. What I can try to be good at though, is giving you a sense of why I like or dislike a pen. Reviews are subjective no matter how much you may try for otherwise, so I’m just going to embrace the subjective and give up the pretense of reviewing completely!

Which is all to say, reiterating that first post, this is about sharing this odd love I have, and over time, giving you a sense of WHY I like what I like.

It’s simple, really. It’s just about loving pens.