a start

And we start…


I first got into pens a few years ago. I was working a terrible job and finishing a degree. After two plus years of full time work and grad school, I was staring at a dreary confusing light at the end of a tunnel I mostly regretted going down. It was a hectic time, and given my temperament I grabbed onto anything that seemed like it could help me make sense of the 800 things I had to do every day. It started with productivity blogs, podcasts, books, etc. and very quickly I started caring about the tools I used to organize myself.


So pen and paper. I was entranced by fountain pens most of all. I can give reasons I love pens, the stock reasons every pen lover eventually learns. And I believe most of them! But when I really ask myself why, and especially why fountain pens, I’m not quite sure. Hence this thing. A chance to write, a chance to talk about pens and save my friends from the inevitable boredom, and a chance to understand why these implements end up meaning so much to me. There’s a podcast, The Pen Addict, and at some point while catching up on all the episodes, Brad and Myke both said that there’s nothing quite like the joy of a new pen or a new ink. Without hesitation I thought, “Yes, this is true.” and immediately wasn’t sure why that is.

So here’s to explaining the inexplicable.