Long Time No See

Well hey there! Ink and Flour has been quiet.

The reason?

It's been a crazy summer. Travel, more work chaos, some personal life chaos, and a change in housing arrangements. But coming to the end of August things are settling down in some ways and ramping way way up in others.

Here's what I've been up to, really. http://bread-work.com

My pens and ink and notebooks are all being used, but mostly to help me figure out taking my obsessive baking to a level where I can regularly sell stuff! It's exciting! And scary! And means my weekends are pretty much all taken up with ingredient prep, tools prep, and then a lot of dough.

That means Ink & Flour may stay quiet for a bit longer. But rest assured, the pens are getting used. In the meantime I have a blog over at bread-work.com that you are welcome to follow if you want occasional updates from a guy trying to slowly launch a home bakery.