WeekEnd Review May 15th, 2016

Halfway through May already! See below for how I spent last Sunday. 

I’ve been thinking about this post a bit the last few weeks. I think at times I’ve focused on quantity, so this week I switched to a focus on links that I wanted to add my .02 to. This is also because I just didn’t have as much time to keep up with rss feeds this week, but I like spinning it as a considered decision. In the future I want to try some themes, such as older posts, or blogs that are newer to me. I love link posts, but my favorites (Azizah’s, Pete’s, etc.) are the ones that push me off the normal pen blogs we know and love, so some variety seems like a good idea.

Otherwise, the most exciting news is that my Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black arrived last week, about a week and a half before the earliest estimated delivery date. I’m working on a post about it because my experience with it has been very different than a lot of other pens. I’ve liked pens, even loved them, but this one is different. It’s the first pen in awhile that is making me want to come up with reasons to write, and more than that it’s making me ACT ON those impulses. I’m about a third of the way through a converter after just a week or so, which is unheard of for me. From the looks, to the feel in hand, to that 21k nib, it’s hands down the best pen I own. 


WeekEnd Links

The Lure of the Ltd. Edition. - The Finer Point
Agree wholeheartedly with this, and love how even-handed it is. I’ve backed away heavily from ltd edition stuff. It’s a marketing gimmick 98% of the time, and while that’s not bad in and of itself, it does mean it encourages you to buy before really considering because you don’t want to miss it. I got bit by the field notes bug in late 2014 and started chasing older editions and non colors ltd. editions before I realized I wasn’t using them that often? They’re great books, but for a person who loves his fountain pens the most, they’re really not a super good fit. So I didn’t renew, and only go a single pack of sweet tooth because I like how they look but I don’t need more than one of each color. It was freeing to realize I don’t need to own them all, I just felt like I should as a ‘good stationary addict’. And none of this is to say collecting the limited stuff is bad. I just realized I don’t want to chase that anymore.

The Write Tools - From the Pen Cup
And of course, having said all of that above, look at this package! I can’t justify this right now, but I am very curious to watch what Write Notepads does with their subscription. Because I think this is very very cool. The scissors and ruler, while not part of the sub, complement the subscription package so well. I really love the aesthetic they have and may just need to get that ruler and some of their standard notebooks soon.

Five Months with the Hobinichi Techo - The Gentleman Stationer
I love Hobonichi posts in large part because it seems to invite such idiosyncratic uses of the page setups. I love how the monthly pages look as ink swabs. Super cool idea. I’ve finally gotten back to my daily-ish Hobinichi use. I really love the notebook, although my usage is pretty stratighforward. I write, usually in the morning, a general here’s how I’m doing, what’s going on update. 

Fantastic Nibs! - The Pen Addict
Cool rundown of some of Susan’s favorite nibs that are readily available. A friend got a Pilot Metropolitan a few months ago and I was yet again floored by how good that nib is for the price. 

A Tour of My Home Office - KatieFloyd.com
I dip in and out of MPU. I like to tweak my mac but I also don’t in general need too much automation/workflow complications. That said, Katie and David are two of the smartest folks about how to get stuff done on your mac, and I loved this peek into her office and all the ways she keeps herself working. For me the unflattering is most exciting because I’m the same way, in that a messy cluttered workspace can just stop me in my tracks from getting stuff done.

Lambic Brewing Update - A Beer Diary 
And lastly, something different! My friend Ethan has a crew in Philly that have started a micro-brewery. He was one of the first folks to introduce me to sours and lambics and geuzes and goses and all the wonderful weird beers that are out there. He doesn’t update much, but when he does it’s fascinating (and usually long!). Here they do a big brew as part of their long running solera lambic project. Can’t wait to get back to Philly and try some. 

WeekEnd Bake

Basically nada! Was out a few nights this week and could never make scheduling work. I have a spin off starter going now though and will plan to get some walnut fig sourdough started tomorrow evening after work as part of the sourdough during the week experiments. 

I did make some pizza, but even that was hasty. e.g. didn't use my normal multi-day ferment in the fridge formula and went with a formula that would be ready in a couple hours Sunday evening. The good news is it was still pizza! And delicious.


Not too much again. I re-read one of my favorite books ever, Bluets, by Maggie Nelson, and still rank it very very highly in my personal pantheon of poetry. Ialso saw Lemonade, the visual album/movie for Beyonce’s latest for the umpteenth time last week, but in a theater, and once again really loved it. Otherwise, I think Slow Regard for Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss is on deck. It’s short, and I really loved his first novel and liked the second one a lot. This one is a novella about a character from the main novels. Who knows after that!