Recent Arrivals: Edison Morgan and Super5 Inks

Quick post with some thoughts on newer arrivals. I haven’t done one of these in the past because there just hasn’t been much to talk about since getting to a more regular schedule. I’ve bought almost no ink or paper this year and no pens until the Edison below. I’ll probably keep the spending reined in a bit, but three bottles of ink and a pen within a week was a nice prompt to jot down some first impressions.

Super5 Inks

I mentioned the inks in the roundup post last week, but I’ve now played with them a bit more. The three inks are Australia, Dublin and Atlantic, a dusty purple, a dusty blue and a nice subdued green respectively.

I hadn’t really heard of Super5 until pretty recently. There was a Super5 pen at Goulet Pens that I reviewed awhile ago and liked, especially for the price. These inks are madeby Rohrer & Klingner, which is great news as the R&K inks are solid. Super5 inks are pigmented and waterproof on top of the normal R&K performance.

All three colors are muted, so if you’re looking for super bright greens or blues, these aren’t for you, but they are pretty perfect for me. I put the Atlantic in my new Edison the other day and so far it’s behaving well. At first it gave me some problems but I think it was a condensation in the converter/feed issue, because since that first hiccup it’s been solid. Good flow, not too dry, and I really love the color. I tested the waterproofness too and it seems to be bulletproof in that regard. Looking forward to filling some other pens with the other two colors soon.

Edison Morgan in Mandarin Orange Acrylic

I have looked at this pen at least once a month for a year and a half. When you look forward to something for so long it inevitably gets built up into something greater than the object itself. But I still wanted it.

December of last year I decided to rein in my stationary spending pretty intensely. I’ve talked about it before so I won’t go through it again, but when I made that decision I also decided that this pen would be my reward. I had months to save up for it, and had wanted it for so long. When it came time to send the email I was shocked by how nervous I was. I knew I could afford it, I knew I had looked at it forever, but I was still worried it wouldn’t live up to my idea.

I shouldn’t have worried. I love this pen.

I’ve used it a bit in the last week, not as much as I’d like to, but it is a beautiful beautiful thing. The gold furniture and the acrylic are perfect together, and I’ve always thought the Morgan’s shape was elegant. It’s a perfectly balanced pen for my hand when it’s not posted. The nib is as good as you’d expect. A touch of feedback, medium flow, overall smooth and consistent. I fully expect this pen to stay inked for awhile.