WeekEnd Review March 6, 2016

I’m writing this from my family’s place in Austin, TX. It was a rush of a week at work trying to wrap things up for handoff while I’m away for a week. In the midst of all of this I had a fun night drinking a bunch of fancy ciders at a local bottle shop, Alchemy. They sell a lot of stuff online and in person are a really great resource. I learned a bunch and drank a lot of things I didn’t even know existed. Other than that excitement it was a quiet week. No baking at all since I was either busy or knew I’d be out of town, and not much time for reading. But there were a LOT of links this week that I loved, so a link heavy edition for sure.

On to the links!

WeekEnd Links

10 Resources to help you improve the digital/analog balance - The Gentleman Stationer
This is a great post with great resources, it’s also another in a long line of posts and conversations about how to use your fountain pens. I always feel like I want to write a post for those of us who don’t have an easy way to use fountain pens all the time normally that essential boils down to, that’s okay too! I try to fit them in where I can, but I’ve also gotten comfortable with the idea that this is just leisure for me. I write nonsense, journal, draft stuff for work sometimes, but I’ll never be a person who can take advantage of huge capacity pens. I even regularly half-fill pens! I think we’d all like to write more though, and this has a bunch of great ideas in it. 

Montblanc M Fountain Pen Review - Pencil Case Blog 
I’ve got to be honest. I’ve never thought this pen was particularly attractive. The fact that it’s apparently not a great writing experience means it's even further off the list. Even so, it’s always interesting to read takes on pens that take the world by storm.

Arkansas Pen Show Recap - Reverenced Writing
Epic and totally great write up of a small pen show. All these write ups are making me antsy for August!

Happy Ebonite - My Life as a Verb

Journal Bookbinding Impressions - These Beautiful Pens
I started very very briefly to get into bookbinding so this post was fascinating. Really gorgeous looking books.

Well Appointed Desk Link Explosion!
Watercolor Set Review
I’ve been sorting through a bunch of things and found all my old watercolors. I think I might take a stab at some sketching and painting again in the coming months. This looks like a really interesting set.

Pelikan Stola III
Interesting new entry level pen from Pelican. I don’t love the styling, but it seems like a worthy addition to lower end pens.

Diamine Teal
A THIRD Ana post! I want this ink immediately.

How I Use My Notebooks Second Edition - The Finer Point
Beautiful and exhaustive run down of a notebook setup. Mine is less complicated, but I really love the attention to detail and just in general enjoy knowing what folks are using/how they’re using them.

WeekEnd Bake

Nothing! I baked a loaf with einkorn wheat last weekend, an experiment with a new flour. It turned out well but I was underwhelmed by its effect in the bread. Used it for tartines a bunch but this week was definitely all about prepping for getting outof town.


I mentioned this last week, but I finished The Pulp Vs The Throne by Carrie Lorig and you should buy it if you at all enjoy poetry. Phenomenal. Otherwise, not much to report. I did watch part of the Oscars, and wish I had not spent my time doing that!