WeekEnd Review March 27, 2016

It’s Easter weekend here in the US. The extent of my celebrating has been oohing over the pictures of eggs dyed by my niece and nephews and relaxing a lot. After two weeks of not baking much I’m back at it this weekend. Loaf of white bread with 50% poolish and a couple loaves of sesame sourdough. Today is mixing/fermenting day and I’ll bake the poolish loaf today and sesame sourdough tomorrow. 

Otherwise I’m going to wrap up images for my review going up this week, probably tomorrow, of the Italix Parson’s Essential, and get to work on a couple of other posts for the next couple of weeks. I’ve been keeping up with my reviews most weeks and am going to start adding in an attempt to do another post a week. Last week’s post was a revisit to what I’m using these days, new pictures and some thoughts on what I’ve changed. I think I’ll keep the load outs to every two to three months for now, but may do more what’s inked posts. Mostly, I’d expect a bunch of posts about embarking on fixing up old pens! I’ve pulled out the vintage lever fillers I have and will start some research to get sacs and any tools I may need to fix em up. 

More to come, but for now, on to the links!

WeekEnd Links

My Time with the iPad Pro - And Why I Returned It - KatieFloyd.com
I’m always interested in hearing why things didn’t work for folks and this is a great example of that kind of post. A really thoughtful and thorough recounting of her time with the device. 

Kaweco Mini Fountain Pen Converter - The Pen Addict
A second swing and a miss. As much as I love the idea of a converter for my Sport or Lilliput, part of me thinks they should give up on this idea entirely and just double down on saying these are cartridge pens, full stop.

John Gruber Shows His Work - The Cramped
I have never fully embraced markdown the way the rest of the nerd internet has, but I do use it a bit here and there and it’s been an ubiquitous part of the productivity conversation since the 43folders days. 

First Impressions: Baron Fig Squire - Gentleman Stationer
I am inching closer and closer to preordering this one. I missed the kickstarter, but a new body for that Schmidt refill is always appealing.

Petit Punnet Notebook Review - Pens! Paper! Pencils!
I really love the look of these little notebooks. Going on the to-buy list for sure.

Nakaya Heki-Tamenuri Writer Portable - Gourmet Pens
This color combination kills me. I really want a Nakaya!

Field Notes Sweet Tooth - Well Appointed Desk
I did not re-up my subscription this year and think I made the right choice. I bought one pack of these and they are really fun looking. Great write up from Ana, who was on the most recent episode of The Pen Addict podcast. I listen to every episode, although at times I’ll skip around. But an Ana episode is a listen all the way through episode for me. Wish I could make a trip to Atlanta make sense, but alas. I bet the pen show will be a really good time.

An Index of Ideas - ShawnBlanc.net
Really love this idea of creating an alternate index for books you love. I have been thinking all week about the idea of making an uber index of ideas, linking back to any number of books. Some of these sorts of problems were part of my brief foray into library science, perhaps this is a good reason to 

WeekEnd Bake

A distinct lack of baking! Instead I’ve decided to post some more links. This time to some of my favorite bakers to follow on Instagram. There’s a range here of home bakers to home bakers starting business to full on bakery owners. I’ll have more of my own bread photos next week, but for now here’s some great bakers to follow.

Bird Patrol Bread - https://www.instagram.com/birdpatrolbread/

Ty Bakes https://www.instagram.com/tybakes/

Humboldt Baker - https://www.instagram.com/thehumboldtbakingcompany/

Tartine Baker - https://www.instagram.com/tartinebaker/

Tivoli Road Bakery - https://www.instagram.com/tivoliroadbakery/

Alchemy Bread Co - https://www.instagram.com/alchemybreadco/


More New Yorkers, and not much else again this week. Between work and catching up with friends I didn’t spend much time reading. Have some bread reading in mind over the next week so might report in on that.