WeekEnd Review March 20, 2016

Two weeks worth of links again. Between travel and work the last couple of weeks flew by. The picture below (while giving a glimpse of my recent Field Notes) shows the primary reason for missing a week. I’m working on a curriculum for bread classes, trying to gather material from all the places I’ve learned from and add my own twist. It’s been fun, and at times a little hard, but it’s definitely where the majority of my writing energy has gone for a bit now. I am really loving Ulysses for my writing. It makes it really easy to sketch out the overall structure and I love being able to use Markdown and then exporting with a favorite style and voila a pdf ready to hand out.

But there’s a ton of links below, an actual ton! 

WeekEnd Links

Factorio Review - Rock Paper Shotgun
When I haven’t been working or going through a spring purge of belongings, or traveling I have been playing this completely insane video game. It consumes me.

Curnow Bookbinding Backpocket Journal - Pen Addict
Love these little guys! I’m happy Curnow is local, so I can always pick up more at the SF Pen Show. Really recommend all their stuff. The a5-ish size tomoe river paper notebooks are a favorite.

Smoothing a Nib - The Pen Haul
An older post, but it helped compile a lot of things I’ve read here and there in one post. I spent a nice bit of time one day over the last fee weeks catching up on The Pen Haul. It’s a great site if you haven’t visited yet.

Tombow Monos - The Finer Point
Love the photos in this one. They really are beautiful things, too bad about those barcodes!

Coffee: A Natural Processing Experiment Part 2 - petedenison.net
I am continually impressed by Pete’s dedication to these experiments. I love coffee and have roasted my own a few times but quickly decided this was a hobby I’d leave to the professionals. That said, I do own like 6 brewing methods (just ordered a new pour-over method actually, the Manual Coffeemaker, because there was a flash sale and I got it for 30% off). After a solid month and a half of not drinking coffee I’ve enjoyed coming back to it and being slightly more precise about it all, taking notes on grinds/temps/times and generally dialing in my home coffee set up.

Long Island Pen Show - FPQuest.com
Ray’s Long Island Pen Show wrap up post, the parts bag looks like a lot of fun and a reminder that I have four or five lever filler pens in various stages of disrepair all received from friends/parents of friends. Maybe I’ll pull those out over the next few weeks and take a stab at some repair.

Five Minutes - Shawn Blanc
Another good post about the importance of getting started.

Parker Sonnet - Pen Addict
Like Brad, and I’m sure the majority of us in the pen world, aside from vintage ones, Parker fountain pens haven’t been high on my list. This review is glowing, and while I’m not sure I love the red and black finish personally, some of the black/white ones I’ve seen are very tempting.

Springtime in Deep River - Gorgeous.ink
This is really cool! I always like the little non-stationery glimpses into pen bloggers’ lives.

Namisu Nova - Nibcreep
I really continue to love this pen. It’s unfortunately now making me want all of the other pens that have similar style lines (e.g. Edison Pearl and Nakayas). I will echo that the titanium nib has been a bit hit or miss with me. I switched to the steel for everyday use.

Overcast 2.5 - Macstories.net
My favorite podcasting app, Overcast, just released a new version and it’s great. I unexpectedly adore the dark theme.

Pen Addict Story - The Pen Haul
Really great story that I’m sure mirrors a bunch of our experiences. My second go-round of fountain pen obsession was really bolstered by the Goulet folks’ videos as well. I learned a lot and still revisit them to remind myself of basics/terminology/etc.

Correspondence Inspiration - Reverenced Writing
Correspondence has always been a weakness of mine. I am at the point of journaling regularly, using my pens near daily to write about what happened, plan out bread baking, etc. etc. I keep a notebook on my nearly always and have found that to be invaluable. I’ve always wanted to be a good correspondent but always end up finding excuses. Part of it is what Fr. Kyle references early on, the fear of not knowing what to talk about, but I think I’m ready to just write through it, and love the idea of reading historical letters as inspiration.

Making Shiny Balls of Mud - Kottke.org
I am pretty sure I learned about this from Kottke for the first time a few years ago. I really love the look of these objects, they remind me of Nakaya’s.

WeekEnd Bake

Really only a couple of loaves this past week. Parmesan black pepper sourdough again which has quickly become my favorite bread, and this weekend I’ll probably throw something together to eat in the early part of the week, but most of my bread energy and attention has been focused on class prep.


Started The Metaphysical Club, a great book (so far I guess) on the history of American thought between the Civil War and World War 1, focused on the lines of thinking leading to Dewey and pragmatism in America. Was recommended years and years ago but just finally starting it.

Other than that I’ve been on a New Yorker binge, trying to get caught up since the new year. I think my unlikely favorite article has been this one, on a cheating scandal happening in competitive bridge.