WeekEnd Review February 7, 2016

My sickness last week lasted into this week, so home from work a few days and then a couple of lighter days in the office. Just a head cold, but it hit me really hard. I had planned to bake during the week but decided to prioritize early to bed and lots of tea. I also didn’t even remember until the 4th that I had planned for InCoWriMo because my schedule was all off. I’m planning to start up on Monday sending off letters and cards to folks. I had already planned to do a slightly lessened schedule, something like 3 or 4 things a week instead of 1 a day, so it’s not the end of the world, but I was bummed when I realized the cold had thrown me off that much.

A lot of links again this week! Not much baking, and not much consuming. But most exciting, new content here on the blog! I reviewed the Kaweco Lilliput Brass Wave and enthused all over that thing. I really love that little pen and tried to explain why. It was a fun thing to write, and took me awhile because I was at first trying to review it in a more straightforward way. Here's the pen, here are the specs, is it worth it y/n. I realized last week that what I actually wanted to write was a piece on why I love that pen even though I don’t tend to get along with pocket pens at all. I’m happy with what I came up with, and I think the process of writing through why I in particular liked the pen is a nice model for how I want to keep writing about stationery. Not reviews as shopping guides, mostly because I think so many other people do that so well already and I don’t think I’d be great at it, but reviews more as explanations for why a specific thing works or doesn’t work for me. Maybe it’s a subtle distinction without much difference? But it feels good to me as a way to think about the blog, and it’s very much in line with how I used to write about music (did you know I used to write about music? I used to, it (mostly) all lives here). Anyway, enough navel-gazing! Onto the links!

WeekEnd Links

Watches - Marco.org
I love love love this post. Of late I’ve started to really appreciate how strongly held his opinions are. You may disagree with him, but he’s a good writer, and a great photographer, and sometimes it’s just nice to read someone with a strong point of view. His dismissal of analog watches early on in the Apple Watch conversations online seemed perfectly made to follow up with a post like this, and sure enough he’s been lured over to the mechanical watch side. I have a 40 dollar Seiko 5 Military Watch that I adore. I got it last year and it was the first watch I’d tried wearing in years and years, now I feel naked without it on my wrist if I’m leaving the house.

A Tomoe River Paper Rival: Life Writing Paper - From the Pen Cup
Definitely ordering one of these in the not too distant future.

25 Resources to Jumpstart Your Pen Adiction - Gentleman Stationer
What a FANTASTIC post! I think he’s filled a nice niche. It’s a great overview of other posts, resources for information and education, and a perfect link to send to anyone who expresses an interest in our weird hobby. Really well done, definitely check this out.

Pen Review: Classic Pens LB5 - The Pen Habit
This pen is beautiful! Way out of a price range i’d feel comfortable spending this year, but that green especially is so striking, so beautiful.

Lamy Studio 14k Nib Review - Ed Jelley
I like this pen a lot more than Ed, but I got a good deal on mine, and didn’t have too much trouble with the grip section. I think the nib is fantastic, way better than I expected, and I love that I can swap it out to a Safari if I want to. What I liked most about this review was how well he handled a pen that he felt was fine, but just not worth it in the end. I think it’s hard to do a negative review that still leaves room for the reader to figure out if a pen would work for THEM, and Ed did that here.

What Pencil Dreams Are Made Of - CW Pencils
CW Pencils with a really cool post on their visit to Caran d’Ache.

Airmail for iPhone Review - Macstories
Federico Viticci goes deep on what is now my iOS email app. When Mailbox went away I was annoyed, and bounced between a few different apps (Spark and Outlook were the two primary contenders). I liked the look of Outlook a lot, but missed some of the swipe functionality and liked the functionality of Spark but kind of hated the user interface. Airmail is great on my Mac, and even better on my phone. Happy to have this issue solved again.

WeekEnd Bake

Like I said above, not a lot this week or even weekend. The loaves I posted last week turned out really well. Great open crumb, a nice tang but not overwhelmingly sour. I ate through one of the loaves in a few days and sliced the second one up to freeze. Sourdough freezes really well! I wrap two slices in aluminum foil and then it takes about ten minutes in a 400 degree oven to have two fresh feeling slices of bread.

This is the batch I’m making this weekend, a new formula to try. Sourdough with parmesan cheese and cracked black pepper. I had the idea on Friday and looked around for some formulas to try and then built up Slime Season from the fridge. Will report back next week, and hopefully have a bit more bread to talk about. Baking has been lower on the list of priorities the last few weeks and I’m itching to get more bread out.


Another lighter week for consuming media. Started a very odd collection of Felix Guattari’s writings on Japan called Machinic Eros. It’s great and I’ll probably finish it later today. I think the plan for this next week is to do an audit of books that are in progress around my place and then turn my attention to finishing some of those up.

Otherwise, you should all watch the new Beyonce video because it is fantastic.