WeekEnd Review - January 10th, 2016

I’ve toyed with doing some roundup posts for links and such since starting the blog. I was hesitant at first because who needs another one, right? But at the same time, I look forward to each and every one of them, especially when they can point me to blogs I didn’t know about or haven’t spent much time with. So here’s my take on it. It’ll change over time I’m sure, but for now it’ll be what I baked, anything I read/watched/listened to that’s of note, and links from the week.

WeekEnd Links

Top Ten Pens of 2015 - Leigh Reyes : My Life As a Verb
Leigh’s posts are scary for my wallet, but she has such great taste in pens and takes beautiful pictures of them. A nice round up of her favorites from 2015. (The Model 20 is inching it’s way up my list.)

The Conid Minimalistica Demonstrator Review - The Pen Addict
There have been a few reviews of this pen floating around, and while I think it’s not in the cards for now, I’m keeping an eye on Conid. I love the way this one looks.

Lostwithiel Salt Marshes - Pens! Paper! Pencils!
I really like when Ian’s posts about his sketches and painting pop up in my feed. This one in particular was open in a tab for a few days just to revisit. Really lovely painting.

Parker 61 Jet Flighter Fountain Pen - The Clicky Post
This is a very cool pen, and a reminder I should pull out the three or four vintage pens I’ve been gifted. Most of them are simple lever-fillers that just need a new sac, perfect for starting out on restoration.

DIY Proofing Box - The Fresh Loaf Forum
An old post on The Fresh Loaf, but it prompted a couple hours of planning and scheming today. After a few weeks of temperature issues (e.g. my shelf for bread making being ~15 degrees cooler than normal sometimes) and a complete disaster of a loaf this morning, due in part to both temperature and what I think was spent yeast, I have decided I need to put something together like this so I can finally control temperature. I'm sure I'll post about it when I pick up all the pieces needed.

How to Make Pizza - NY Times
My housemate and I at some point called our house House of 1000 Pizzas. We haven’t quite lived up to the name the last 6 or so months, but even so, it’s a subject dear to my heart. This is a great introduction if you’ve never tried making it at your house. Yes, a peel and a stone help, but his cast iron skillet method gives you an option not requiring either. I’m making a batch of this dough tomorrow after work for pizza later this week.

WeekEnd Bake

Two loaves this weekend. On the left, Everyday Loaf, which is a variation on the Saturday Bread by Ken Forkish. (commercial yeast, no pre-ferment, four-ish hour rise and an hour proof because the kitchen was about 80 degrees. It looks good which is a nice change from the disaster loaf, and will accompany some soup my housemate has been making all day. On the right is the first sourdough with my new all dark rye flour starter. It’s a young starter and I shouldhave given it a few days honestly, but even so I’m hopeful that when I cut into it it’ll be workable.

I tried a stopgap solution for temperature today, using a heating pad for seedlings. It ended up being just a bit too warm to keep on the whole time, but until I build out a proofing box it might be workable.


It was a really busy week back at work so I ended up pretty exhausted most days and didn’t read or watch much, so a short list of one this week.

The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker (links to a review that is pretty in line with my feelings, if a bit more positive)
I finished the first book of 2016! It’s a slight thing, but overall I enjoyed it. There’s some interesting thoughts on how to write poetry/what makes good poetry, which was a nice addition to the main story. And the writing itself is really the draw here. As the review linked above says, the protagonist really does have a way with words.

And that’s that! I have a post about a ciabatta bake-off that’ll go up in a few days, and am planning to start on my Kaweco Lilliput Brass Wave review as well, probably for later this week/next week.

Hope you all enjoy the week ahead!