Happy National Pencil Day!

I know I focus a lot on fountain pens, but like any good stationery addict I have my fair share of pencils. For the nightly writing I decided to sharpen up some pencils. Of course I had to ink up my new Pilot Desk Pen first and spilled some black ink on my pants before sharpening up the pencils.

I chose three pencils that showcase the wood in woodgrained. A Palomino Prospector, a Field Notes pencil and a really wonderful pencil from a store here in Northern California, Venture Quality Goods. (I was so excited when I went to visit a friend who works there to see they have woodcased pencils, and they're good quality too!)

If you're still looking for ways to celebrate, here's a great podcast about pencils, a great blog post about finding a pencil that works for you, and a great starter pack of some quality pencils. 

Happy Pencil Day!