Super5 .5mm Calligraphy Pen

I like stub nibs, but also tend to write pretty small. The first one I tried, a 1.1mm Lamy nib was HUGE with my handwriting and made what can already be pretty messy into a weird illegible series of letter-like things. But I keep trying! So when I saw this on the Goulet Pens site I was intrigued. Sub 30 dollars for a .5mm stub nib, in a simple but nice looking body?  Sold.

The Super5 comes in a few color variations, with the only difference being the color of the clip as far as I can tell. The body itself is very simple. Black with gray or yellow or black clip, tapered body more a bullet than a cigar. I don’t love the logo, I’ll be honest. It’s not an expensive pen but it’d look oh so much nicer without the huge logo on the side of the body. Author and fellow pen nerd J Robert Lennon sanded the logo off to end up with a sleek plain black version, it’s a great idea to elevate an affordable pen.

The body has some heft to it which was a nice surprise. It’s about 5.5” when closed, and a little longer when posted. The cap fits snugly, requiring a decent amount of effort to pull off, but it’s a satisfying snugness, no chance of the cap just slipping off. It also posts securely, and for me the posting is necessary even if I don’t usually post. It’s just a tad too light to be comfortable without the cap posted, and the pen is heavily weighted towards the nib. With the cap on the back though it’s perfectly balanced for me.

The nib is steel, and very firm, but it’s incredibly smooth. For a 30 dollar pen, this nib is pretty unbelievable. The stubbiness allows for slight line variation, nothing too extreme, but a touch of interest to your writing. There’s no flex, and pressure doesn’t really add anything. But who needs flex when the nib is this smooth and trouble-free.

Now for my big complaint. As much as I love how this pen writes, I just can’t get over the lip at the front of the section. In the picture below you can see the rings right up near the nib, and then this step up and down again before the nib. Maybe it’s how I write, so take this with a grain of salt, but everytime I sit down with my Super5 the sharpness of that step ends up digging into my fingers. I still use the pen because I love the nib so much, but it’s more readjusting than I’d really like. I could grip it further up but my natural grip is pretty close to the nib.

All of that said, it’s a great, great pen. Especially for the price. Just keep in mind the section may be less comfortable than you’d like.

Below you'll see the hand written part of my reviewing. Before I write a full version I try to capture my main points in a handwritten summary, this one written with Diamine Terracotta in a 3 Legged Juggler Baron Fig Confidant.