One Star Leather Goods Indie Notebook Cover

This year I’ve been bit by the Field Notes bug rather seriously. My little collection of a few random notebooks has grown a lot, including a few ebay purchases for older editions! And starting with this Spring edition, a Colors subscription. (Picture from my instagram)

I think a turning point for me was finding some really amazing pen/refill combos that made the changing paper quality issue with Field Notes less of a problem. I tried just carrying a field notes naked, and bought a nice canvas cover that could fit one, but I realized I really wanted to carry around two pocket notebooks at a time. I write poetry and odd snippets of fiction like things, and wanted to make sure I had a place for scribbling triggers and fragments that could be separate from work notes or grocery lists. I don’t have much of an issue with the overlap conceptually but ended up getting frustrated  trying to sort through stuff after the fact.

Enter this simple beauty.

One Star Leather Goods is a name I’d heard about from a few places. Podcasts, blogs, instagram, etc. There’s so many people making quality leather goods to support the analog writing we all love that really I ended up just picking one based solely off my memory. Which isn’t a knock on One Star! More a testament that I felt confident if I’d heard the name around the pen community I could trust the quality. That confidence was well placed.

This is what they call their Indie Notebook. It’s a simple thing. A piece of leather sized for pocket notebooks, with elastic bands to secure at least two notebooks inside. There’s also an elastic band to keep it closed. And that’s pretty much it! The only branding is a small star on the spine, a nice bit of branding that is incredibly unobtrusive.

It’s hard to know what to say aside from this:

I think this is a perfect home for pocket notebooks and I now can’t imagine going even a day without this on me. I currently have a Shelterwood and a Word. notebook in mine, and carry it around with my Ti2 Techliner Shorty in brass. It goes in every bag I carry or in my back pocket nearly every time I leave the house.

A simple thing done very, very well.