January 2015 Kickstarter Roundup

I don’t know how regular these posts will be, but last year I ended up getting some nice stuff via Kickstarter and figured when I see interesting pen/paper/baking things I might as well share them. Caveats and all, I’m definitely not vouching for any of these, and I may or may not back the stuff I link to. It’s just meant as a roundup of interesting projects. 


Foldio 2

I just got a new camera and a big part of my justification was photography for this blog. Looking forward to having a nice light box to help make the pens look as good on the blog as they do in my hand. I’ve heard great things about the first version and the second seems even nicer. Bigger, three sets of lights, and with the stretch goals it’ll have a dimmer and a carrying case among other things. Definitely backed this one.



Modern Fuel Design Mechanical Pencil

This is one I’m watching. I don’t know if I’ll back because I don’t know how much I’d use this but it’s a beautiful looking object. That alone is tempting, but it’s probably too much for me to buy it and mostly stare at it. Still, if you like mechanical pencils this seems like a great thing. (A preview by Mike Dudek is here.)


Code & Quill Notebooks

I ended up backing this. I love notebooks and like the pitch here and the look of both notebooks. They mention fountain pen friendliness in the Kickstarter write up to boot! Always happy to have more notebook options.


My Book of Change

Normally I’m not a huge fan of prescriptive notebooks. Nothing wrong with them of course, but I like a blank slate I can do with what I will. But this looks interesting to me, as I’m starting to plan a little further into the future for the first time in awhile. I also have started journaling every day this year, using a hodgepodge of prompts each day for the first month or so and have found them useful, which is making me more open to the idea of a directed journaling/planning experience. I haven’t backed this yet but am leaning towards getting one of the black and white art books.


I was a little bummed I couldn’t find anything interesting for baking, but to be honest one of the things I like about my baking habit is that for the most part I don’t have a ton of specialized tools and mostly just spend my money on flour. 


Let me know if you back any of these or if you see something cool I’ve missed!