Keeping House

There's another pen review coming soon of the pen to the left, the tiny little Stipula Passaporto I've fallen head over heels for, despite its quirks. That will probably be up tomorrow. But today it's just some tidying up and pointing.

It's arguably premature, but I've added an index page to help you find reviews or essays or brief little instagram posts, etc. Longer posts will generally fall into either an essay category or the review category. The difference is vague, but essays are less about the likes/dislikes of a particular pen or ink or paper, etc. more about the habits of being a person who loves pen and paper. Reviews will be a little more traditional. Lots of words about a single thing, talking through what worked for me and what doesn't. I also added some tags, which are definitely premature, but given my day to day concerns at the dayjob, information architecture matters to me. Eventually these will help you find, say, all posts about an Edison Pen Co. pen, or all posts about TWSBI, etc. 

I've also updated the lists page! Updated my my favorite inks and finally added my currently inked pens. Will probably add some more lists over the next few weeks, I welcome suggestions! Am thinking I'll add a Loadout list, for what I'm carrying around with me every day, and perhaps a top five pen/fountain pen list or two, we shall see.

Next week I'll tackle my first ink review, still trying to figure out the format and what I'd want to cover in one of those. As always, this is one big experiment! I'm figuring it all out as I go, come along for the ride.