Catching Up: Ink Drops

I am probably not the only one who occasionally gets their Ink Drop package with a mixture of excitement and some amount of trepidation because of the growing collection of ink samples. It wasn't the worst news in the world to hear that the Goulet Team were taking a month off. A month turned into two, and my nearly full ink vial holders breathed a sigh of relief.

It's back though! And last night I got out my Airmail 90 with an EF nib to use as a dip pen. I had three (!!) months of drops to play with. Excuse the not so succesful attempts to liven things up, I blame the Manhattan and a worry that just writing the names in my scrawly handwriting does not an exciting post make. I'm working on a camera solution, but for now here's some decent phone pictures of last night's fun.


I really loved all of these, although I think China Blue and Burma Road Brown, which I've loved for awhile, are my favorites. Naples Blue is a gorgeous color that I don't think I'd ever use.


A month of beautiful inks I'll likely never purchase. Blood Dragon and Yu-Yake were especially nice, but as much as I like reds and oranges, I never really reach for them to ink up a pen.


Easily one of the best months in the last year for me. I adore every one of these colors, and plan to add each of them to my rapidly growing ink collection in the near future. Inspired Blue reads like a darker version of Naples Blue from September, and all three De Atramentis inks are perfect fo rme. Gorgeous dusty colors with some shading. 

So there's my catch up! Definitely worth the wait, and I'm looking forward to next year's drops. Head over to and check out their slick new website to sign up for Ink Drop, 10 bucks a months for five samples. (Not affiliated at all, just a happy repeat customer.)