Pre-Holidays Daze

The last few weeks of the work year were a blur. This is a bit of a 2014 wrap up post as I launch into what will be a busy holiday.

It's been great to get back to baking. I've focused on perfecting my version of a 50% poolish bread a la Ken Forkish, and feel close to having it down. Have a mostly written post on that bread nearly done, will be the only content in the next couple of weeks before 2015.

There have been some great mail days the last two weeks. My Fountain Pen Day hoodie showed up and is one of the most comfortable hoodies I've ever worn! As well, two Kickstarter items showed up recently. The Writer's Block from the Word Notebooks folks arrived and is small but pleasingly solid. It's been a handy addition to my desk at work. And last week the Ti2 Techliner Acid Wash Brass Shorty from their recent Kickstarter arived. I admittedly was on the fence about this pen, but the shorter version convinced me. I love it waymore than I expected. Full review to come, and a photo of it on my little tree.

I snuck in one more pen purchase this year, a vintage Esterbrook J.  It has the new J Herbin Stormy Grey in it, and I've been swapping between it, my new Pilot Custom 74 with Ku-Jaku, and the Model 66 with Noodler's Lexington Grey. Mostly in my new Baron Fig notebook. I was seduced by those ltd. editions. The Three Legged Juggler edition is my first from them and I'm very impressed. Anothere review to come!

Final piece of news is that I've admitted one of my biggest frustrations so far is not being able to take photos I'm very happy with. My phone camera is okay, and that's about it. I kept waffling back and forth on whether or not I should get a camera though, and I think I've finally reached the tipping point. Planning on picking up a nice mirrorless camera (Sony Alpha A5000 for the curious) in the next few days. I think from what I've been reading I'll be able to finally do justice to these pens.

Thanks to all who see this for checking in on my sporadic blogging in 2014. I'm excited about being more consistent next year!