Using What You've Got

I like paper. An uncontroversial statement for pen folk I realize. But for people who love paper, it seems pretty common for us (at least me and the "us"es I read online or listen to on podcasts) to have some amount of hesitance about not using our paper. The number of conversations around collecting notebooks to write in, but then never writing in them for fear of not using them to their full potential started to hit home in a real way. I suffer from this too, have for years. Back before I was a certified pen addict, I'd often excitedly buy a Moleskine and then maybe write on a page or two before that sinking feeling would creep in, that I was just filling this up with random bits of nonsense, instead of whatever notional GREAT WRITING I should have been putting down on paper.

A few months ago I decided to change this part of my behavior. I love the act of writing, whether it's an important letter/note or just an excuse to use my pens and pencils, but for so long I've been a serial notebook purchaser who barely writes in notebooks. Convinced even though it's irrational, that I had to fill my fancy Arts & Sciences Edition Field Notes with something IMPORTANT, and meant to LAST. 

I'm not 100% sure what has changed, but I went from a 1 field notes book in maybe 3 months, to someone who has filled his Arts Edition in a couple weeks, along with a normal kraft field notes in another week. 

I just let go. And decided to ignore that voice for awhile. And you know what? It's really nice letting go in this case. I'm writing more! And finding reasons to switch out pens more often. I have scraps of poetry, and quotes from books written down next to grocery lists, some doodles (I am very bad at doodling, but practice makes.... less bad?), and occasionally even small journal style entries. It's a hodgepodge, and it's FUN.

Mostly unrelated, since this is the first pen related post I've made in a good long while, wanted to share my currently inked pens. I'm trying to keep it to a smaller number these days, and am planning to write a few of these dry in the next week or two. I think ideally I'd have about four to five inked at once at most, but it's hard to keep that number down sometimes.