Changing Times, Changing Names

Hastily written has been not so hasty, or written, for the last many months. Part of it is just general busy-ness and these little write ups getting constantly pushed to the bottom of the priority list, but it's also that I have two warring loves, and the other, bread baking, has taken over my brain more actively. Even so, I still have the itch to write about pens and paper...

So an announcement of sorts to what audience I still have, Hastily Written is dead, long live Ink&Flour. I've decided to have a place for both bread writing and analog writing tools. I use my pens when I bake, I eat my bread while I write, and I'd like to be better about chronicling both of these things.

I realize I'm combining two niche interests in one blog, and that's a recipe for confusion, but hey, it's my little blog, and I can do what I want. I have some posts written up that will go up over the next few weeks, but come 2015 I'm hoping to keep a running log of my baking experiments in addition to the pens, paper and ink I use on a daily basis.

Forkish's White Bread with Poolish on bottom, Forkish's Saturday Bread with a mix of AP, WW and Rye on top. 

All that is to say, welcome to Ink & Flour. It's all hastily written, and slowly baked. In the next week I'll have a post up on using those precious notebooks we love to collect as well a first post on bread, an ode to lean artisan breads and the way these simple formulas have captured my attention so fiercely.